Our Pioneers and Patriots

Our Pioneers and Patriots

Suggested for grades 5-8, Our Pioneers and Patriots is an American history text that is written from a Catholic, as well as a patriotic, perspective. Bishop Furlong begins with the Norsemen and the exploration of the New World, following through to the English colonies, the birth and growth of our country, civil war, westward expansion, the industrial revolution, and, finally, leaders of the early 20th century. Written in the same format as The Old World and America this 508-page text is easy and enjoyable to read.

Chapters begin with a synopsis to pique the student's interest. Chapters end with study summaries and activities to encourage students to look beyond dates and places so they may learn to ask why and how. The study tests are designed to review vocabulary, people, geography, and dates. Well indexed, this text also includes illustrations and maps.

I strongly recommend purchasing the answer key which TAN sells either separately or packaged as a set with the text. The answer key can be used by a self-directed student, freeing up time for the parent/teacher.

Originally published in 1940, you will need to supplement this text if you wish to include modern America in your history studies. (The text has the Imprimatur and the Nihil Obstat.)[Maureen Wittmann/C.D.]

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  • Need For Parent or Teacher Instruction: minimal to moderate
  • Learning Environment: all situations
  • Grade Level: grades 5-8
  • Religious Perspective: Catholic

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