United States History: Heritage of Freedom

United States History: Heritage of Freedom

Suggested for eleventh grade, this study of United States history features a conservative, patriotic viewpoint, strongly promoting the benefits of capitalism. You need the student text, which has many full-color illustrations. I strongly recommend that you also get the teacher guide which contains the answers. Quiz and test booklets are optional.

Lessons include review questions scattered throughout each unit plus an extensive chapter review with identification, definitions, geographical identification, map skills, and some excellent discussion/essay questions. The teacher guide suggests weekly current events assignments (great idea). It also has pop quizzes, valuable "teacher notes" that expand upon the textbook material, and answers to all of the section and chapter questions, including the discussion/essay questions.

Study of the Constitution is integrated with various chapters via instructions from the teacher guide. The text of the Constitution and a chart breaking it into sections with accompanying study questions is found in the student text. This study is fairly basic and would not be equivalent to a government class, but it is a worthwhile enhancement to the study of U.S. history.

This text makes no pretensions of neutrality; it is clearly anti-Catholic and anti-Communist. It promotes a Protestant viewpoint, criticizing secularism, existentialism, and other rejections of God. The philosophy of government is inconsistent. It reflects modern conservative thought which leans toward government intervention in some places (e.g., commerce and education) but comes down hard on government social programs such as the Great Society.

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  • Religious Perspective: Protestant
  • Suitable For: independent study plus discussion
  • Grade Level: grades 9-12
  • Need For Parent/Teacher Instruction: minimal

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