Sounding Forth the Trumpet: God's Plan for America in Peril 1837-1860

Sounding Forth the Trumpet: God's Plan for America in Peril 1837-1860

Sounding Forth the Trumpet is an excellent historical narrative that places the reader inside the events leading up to the U.S. Civil War. It does a good job of presenting balanced viewpoints regarding the sticky political issues that faced the nation during a very troubled time. The book makes history come alive and helps the reader understand what people really thought about difficult issues like slavery and states' rights. It sometimes delves into little-known events that had significant impact.

This book differs from Marshall and Manuel's The Light and The Glory in that it seems more balanced in its historical presentation. While both books strive to portray God's hand in history through people and events, this book offers a more complete picture than does The Light and the Glory, which sometimes makes key figures out to be "more Christian" than they actually were. This book would be best used as a supplement to a more traditional history program for senior high students. [Josh Duffy/Cathy Duffy]

Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Young Readers

by Peter Marshall and David Manuel with Anna Wilson Fishel

Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Young Readers is an abridged, simplified version of the original book. While it is easier reading than the unabridged book, it might still be a great choice for teens. They are far more likely to get through this 224-page book than the 560 pages of the original. While the book is recommended for ages nine through twelve, I would recommend it for an older audience. The issues presented are a bit too complex for students in the elementary grades.

It tells the stories of selected events, drawn from fuller stories in the original book, stories like John Quincy Adams' Congressional battle over the right to petition that was an opening salvo in the battle for the emancipation of slaves, or Theodore Dwight Weld's formative role in the life Harriet Beecher Stowe, or the story behind the Compromise of 1850. The book includes a glossary and discussion questions for both comprehension and deeper analysis.

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Sounding Forth the Trumpet

Sounding Forth the Trumpet
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