Mother of Divine Grace high school classical course syllabi

Laura Berquist, author of Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, has created syllabi to make implementation of classical methodology much easier. Based upon recommendations she makes in that book, she has fleshed out complete courses for high school level. Eight of these come under the headings of history, literature, and government.

Those titles are:
U.S. History and American Literature
Ancient History and Literature
Medieval English and Spanish History and Literature
Medieval European History and Literature
American Government and Economics (A Beka)

American Government and Economics (DS & EOL) (Similar to the above course but also adding Declaration Statesmanship by Ferrier and Seeley and Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt.)
Advanced American Government and Economics

One example of the types of books studied is The Ancient History and Literature Syllabus which uses Walter Carroll's The Founding of Christendom as the primary text. Among other resources are the Bible, Plutarch's Lives, Antigone, Pygmalion, Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, and The Histories by Herodotus. (Suggested for tenth grade.)

Think of these courses as "Great Books" versions of literature-based history courses such as those from Beautiful Feet Books. The courses integrate reading from the primary books and historical fiction with creation of timelines, suggested activities and field trips, video viewing, research papers, and oral presentations. You will probably need to borrow some of the resources from the library since there will be too many for most families to purchase.

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  • Grade Level: grades 9-12
  • Suitable For: all situations
  • Educational Approaches: classical
  • Educational Methods: critical thinking, real books

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