All Through the Ages: Living Books History Guide

All Through the Ages: Living Books History Guide

All Through the Ages: History through Literature Guide is dedicated to helping parents select literature for history. Updated in 2022, this 360-page reference book helps parents select literature by time period and topics within time periods. Most of the books on these lists are secular, but author Christine Miller includes books that appeal to Christians, especially Protestants. She also includes books that reflect a young-earth point of view and some that argue against the validity of the theory of evolution.

The largest section of the book features listings divided by chronological periods. The next largest section arranges selections geographically under Africa, Arctic and Antarctic, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, etc. Small sections with fewer than 10 pages each list books about the history of science, mathematics, the visual arts, and music. The science section includes a list of books under the subtopic Creation Science. The last section is titled Great Books of Western Civilization and the Christian Tradition.

Books listed under each division are further broken down into four age groups covering grades one through twelve. The fourth age group, grades 10-12 includes titles of interest to college students and adults. Within the age group lists, there are sometimes further divisions under headings such as Overview of the Era, Specific Events, Biography, Historical Fiction, and Culture. When the title of book does not make the content obvious, Miller includes a very brief description of the book, such as for this listing on page 153: "Clouds of Terror - Catherine A. Welch (1873-77 invasion of locusts into Canada and the plains states)."

Miller includes a few brief articles scattered throughout the first half of the book. An article titled "Astronomy and the Ancients" discusses the zodiac, which Miller describes as "a common denominator of all ancient civilizations," and its relationship to Christianity. An article titled "Difficulties in Egyptian Chronology" provides helpful background for figuring out a timeline for ancient Egypt. And in another article titled "The Renaissance and Humanism," Miller presents the argument that "Humanism was born not in a search for knowledge, but in a search for holiness." The articles help Miller's readers understand her point of view which has influenced the selection of books.

All Through the Ages lists so many books that it should be useful to parents who want to use living books as part of their curriculum, whatever their religious beliefs. And it should be especially helpful to those who share Miller's point of view.

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