Classical Historian Games

The Classical Historian has produced some supplemental history resources that are useful whether or not you are using other Classical Historian curricula.

Go Fish

classical historian go fishGo Fish Card Games in your choice of Ancient History, Medieval History, American History, U.S. Presidents, or Constitution can be used to play either Go Fish or Collect the Cards. Each deck has 12 categories with four related cards per category. With Go Fish, players try to collect cards by categories. For Collect the Cards, players use a series of three hints on each card for a quiz/review game. History cards can also be used to play Chronology (arranging cards in time sequence) or Geography (organizing cards by geographical area).

Cards are beautifully illustrated, color-coded, and numbered. Card decks come packaged with a small booklet that explains the rules, but this booklet is also loaded with further information regarding each card. For example, while U.S. Presidents cards list three key pieces of information, the booklet has a lengthy paragraph about each president.

Click here for a YouTube video showing how the games work.

Memory Game

A memory game for American History is patterned after popular memory games with paired sets of square cards. This seems most useful for younger students, but older students will probably enjoy the more challenging versions that can be played with the set.

Pricing Information

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Go Fish Card Decks: $11.99 each
Memory game: $14.99
See the publisher's website for bundle prices.

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