Greathall Productions Audio Recordings

Greathall Productions Audio Recordings

Master storyteller Jim Weiss retells folklore, myths, and tales from past civilizations that help bring history to life. By using his voice to create different characters, Weiss sparks children's imaginations with drama. Among his recordings that might enhance history and social studies are Greek Myths, Arabian Nights, Carry On Mr Bowditch, Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America, The Three Musketeers/Robin Hood, Tales from the Old Testament, King Arthur and His Knights, Tales from Cultures Far and Near, Galileo and the Stargazers and Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths. Even titles such as Egyptian Treasures, which some might think likely to be problematic, are presented in an inoffensive fashion. Weiss clearly treats mythology as such, and treatment of mummies is factual and historical—told as a story of tracking down grave robbers.

Recent additions to Greathall's recordings are abridged presentations of some of G.A. Henty's historical fiction books. Available thus far are The Cat of Bubastes, Wulf the Saxon, The Young Carthiginian, and In the Reign of Terror.

Greathall's brochure indicates a non-judgmental, slightly "new-age" philosophy, so select tapes with that in mind. In spite of that caveat, the tapes, performed with dramatic flair by storyteller Jim Weiss, are very well done. Weiss seems to have an unlimited repertoire of voices, and combined with sound effects, the result is far more entertaining than most storytelling. Such recordings are particularly useful with children who are pre-readers or reluctant readers, or with children whose best learning modality is auditory.

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A Storytellers Version of Tales from the Old Testa

A Storytellers Version of Tales from the Old Testa
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