What in the World? Audio Recordings

What in the World? Audio CDs

Since worldview-based history is a new way of studying history for many of my readers, I highly recommend to you Diana Waring's audio series, What in the World?, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. In each volume, on four, approximately 60-minute CDs (or MP3 files), Diana teaches us "how to re-evaluate world history from an eternal perspective: God sovereignly ruling over the affairs of men and nations."

Volume 1 covers four time spans: creation to the destruction of Assyria, the rise of Babylon to Jesus Christ, destruction of Jerusalem to the fall of Constantinople, and the Renaissance/Reformation to Queen Victoria. Volume 2 covers Napoleon through World War II, which roughly corresponds to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In Volume 3 history continues with the Napoleonic era up through modern history. Both Volumes 2 and 3 include substantial discussion of the modern missions movement.

This is sort of a whirlwind tour through history, summarizing and relating key events in chronological order, to show how all of history relates to God's purposes.

Students from about sixth grade and up should enjoy listening to these, and adults are likely to enjoy them as much or more than teens.

These sets are also incorporated into Diana Waring's History Revealed series.

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$21.97 per volume for either CDs or MP3s

What in the World? V1 Ancient Civ & Bible CDs

What in the World? V1 Ancient Civ & Bible CDs

What in the World? V3 World Emp/Miss/Wars CDs

What in the World? V3 World Emp/Miss/Wars CDs
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  • Special Audience: adults
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  • Technology: MP3 or MP4, audio CD
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