Christian Light High School Literature

Christian Light High School Literature

Perspectives of Life in Literature

The 2009 edition of this Christian Light course uses the Perspectives of Life in Literature text (611 pages), a teacher's guidebook, ten student LightUnit workbooks (student materials), and teacher materials which include course overviews, grading information, a scope and sequence, and alternate tests.

This text is intended to be a two semester course, one semester of ninth grade and one semester of tenth grade. The other semester each year needs to address grammar, possibly with CLP's grammar LightUnits. The student materials other than the textbook can be purchased for only one year at a time to lower your initial cost.

The course can be used by students working independently, although a parent really must read the selections so he or she can evaluate subjective answers and writing assignments as well as be prepared to discuss them. The LightUnits outline detailed, daily lesson plans. The text features a wide range of literary selections: poetry, short stories, allegories (including the complete Pilgrim's Progress), and biographies. Each story is preceded by vocabulary exercises and followed by comprehension, interpretation, and application exercises as well as one on literary techniques (theme, symbolism, etc.) and a writing assignment. Reading selections are by authors such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Leo Tolstoy, Robert Browning, John Bunyan, William Shakespeare (brief selections), Edwin Markham, Fanny Crosby, John Milton, George Macdonald, and lesser known authors. Selections from the Bible are also included. The text is divided into five units, four of which focus upon literary forms: the short story, poetry, biography, and allegory. A fifth unit focuses on the theme, "Reflections for the victorious life," instead of a single form.

The final sentence of the introduction to the text summarizes the overall approach of this course: "The best reason for studying literature is to find, in the lives and writings of others, patterns to help our lives conform more nearly to the life of ‘him that is true' (1 John 5:20)." Although suggested for grades 9 and 10, the course might easily be used for students a grade level below or above.

Perspectives of Truth in Literature

Short stories, poetry, and essays comprise this anthology suggested for twelfth grade level. This is a full-year course to be used by itself. It uses the 447-page Perspectives of Truth in Literature text, ten student LightUnit workbooks (student materials), and teacher materials which include course overviews, grading information, a scope and sequence, and alternate tests.

The theme "truth" is used throughout the text, but particularly in the first unit. Remaining units are organized according to literary form: short stories, poetry, and essays. Literary works are from the Bible; well-known authors such as John Greenleaf Whittier, Victor Hugo, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Thomas B Kempis, and Ray Bradbury; and many less familiar authors.

Questions at the end of each selection deal with content, ideas, and literary elements. Instruction on literary technique and writing skills follows most of the selections in units other than that on poetry.

Occasional writing assignments or written activities are part of the literary technique sections, but the bulk of writing assignments are in the "Writing for Skill" sections. These require students to tackle different forms of writing, generally on topics other than literary analysis. The text actually provides a well-rounded language arts program with the variety of activities provided.

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