Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth?

Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth?

Icons of Evolution is one of the most accessible, readable books critical of evolutionary theory I have found. Author Jonathan Wells' critique of evolution is organized around eleven "icons" or so-called key evidences in favor of evolution. Subtitled, "Why much of what we teach about evolution is wrong," the book proceeds in a lawyerly fashion to demolish the case of each icon.

For example, we learn that the famous peppered moths that supposedly evolved to better blend with their environment, quickly reverted when the environment changed. We also learn that evidence showing the moths' "new and improved camouflage job" was actually staged by attaching dead moths to selected tree trunks—tree trunks upon which such moths rarely settle under normal circumstances.

Haeckel's Embryos also are exposed as falsified drawings of imagined embryo development that would support evolutionary theory. Wells challenges a connected issue of even greater significance--the scientific world's silence over this long-known fraud, a huge problem in itself that inhibits the ability of scientists and academics to even discuss problems with evolution.

There are other books on the scientific problems of evolutionary theory, but this is the most readable and understandable book I have come across that still addresses the scientific information itself. Wells tackles the theory of evolution purely from a scientific viewpoint, raising no religious issues. That approach makes the book accessible to a much broader audience that might not credit Genesis with reliability, but that might be willing to begin with a reexamination of science on the question of origins.

High school students should read this alongside or prior to other courses. I would recommend using it alongside secular textbooks (borrow some from a library or pick up a few from thrift or used-book stores) to see the widespread deception Wells reports. At the back of his book, Wells actually lists ten current biology textbooks and identifies which of them teach erroneous information in support evolution. While you can use his list, I am fairly certain you will find one or more of these errors (and variations on their themes) in any secular biology textbook.

If we are interested in teaching our children to become critical thinkers, Icons of Evolution is one of the best tools for achieving that goal.

Note: A DVD presentation of Icons of Evolution conveys some of the key ideas from the book. The DVD is very professional and well-presented. It runs about 50 minutes. Produced by Coldwater Media, (719) 488-8670, www.coldwatermedia.com.

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Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why Much of What We Teach About Evolution Is Wrong

Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why Much of What We Teach About Evolution Is Wrong
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