Unlocking The Mysteries of Creation, second edition

Unlocking The Mysteries of Creation, second edition

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation is an outstanding creation science book for all ages. It incorporates Scripture, science, history, and related information in a heavily-illustrated format. You can pick and choose information to read as you adapt to the ages of your children. Information is generally brief. You'll want to use other resources for in-depth information on most topics discussd here. This book is great for dads to read aloud and discuss with the family.

It covers a a broad range of topics, grouped into four sections in the book. The first section deals with creation itself, the origins controversy, the age of the earth, and dating techniques. It takes a young-earth perspective. The second section addresses the theory of evolution, identifying a number of problems with it through concrete examples such as the Bomardier Beetle. Part three discusses man and theories of descent from other hominids as well as dinosaurs. The final section investigates ancient technologies  and civilizations in reference to our beliefs about whether or not the first humans were primitive and ignorant compared to modern men.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation is also available on an interactive CD-ROM. This CD includes the complete book in PDF format plus a lengthy slide show presentation on the age of the earth.

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