Science Mastery Programs

Science Mastery Programs

Science Mastery Programs from Supercharged Science are offered at Silver (grades K-8), Gold (for grades K-10), and Diamond (for grades 5-12) levels. These programs might serve as your complete science curriculum for two or three years, depending on your goals and how often you do science. The focus is primarily on experiments—learning by doing rather than textbook learning and memorization of information. Scientific principles are taught through experiments. If you prefer the structure of a textbook, you could use one of these programs as a supplement.

Each program comes with online instructional/experiment videos and audio files (with online access for a limited time), DVDs, experiment supplies, the Science Experiment Manual, and worksheets with answer keys that often include instructional information. You have everything you need for the experiments (e.g., wires, LEDs, lasers, pulleys, and chemicals) except common household items like paper towel tubes and water bottles. Resources are packaged for each experiment, so it’s easy to locate what is needed from the kit.

The videos (both online and on DVD) are the same videos available in Supercharged Science’s e-Science and Grade-Level courses and their topical Ultimate Science courses. The benefit of the Mastery programs is that most of the experiment resources are provided for you. Purchasers of a program have access to the online videos for a limited time period: Silver - six months, Gold - one year, and Diamond - five years. The DVDs are owned permanently.

Each level includes parts and materials for 100 to 600 activities and experiments—with additional material for experiments added at each level. All levels include materials for activities such as building a hovercraft, creating a laser maze, building electronic circuits, and many more. Gold and Diamond programs include more-challenging projects, such as building a circuit board, a laser communicator, and an underwater robot. It is important to note that the Gold level includes the Thames and Kosmos Chemistry C1000 lab which alone has 75 experiments. The Diamond level includes the Chemistry C3000 lab kit with over 400 experiments. (The Diamond level has most of the materials needed by a student going through the e-Science or grade-level lessons.)

The program’s creator, Aurora Lipper, explains each experiment on the videos—how to do them and the science principles students are to learn from them. For even more help, students can listen to the audio recordings of classes being presented to homeschool students that are available with all three programs. For parents who want to use them, there are end-of-chapter worksheets with answer keys.

Supercharged Science takes a secular approach but should not have any content that conflicts with religious beliefs. They describe themselves as “creation neutral.”

If you want to try out a free sample of the type of activities contained in these programs, you can download the "Science Activity Manual & Video Series" for free by clicking on this link: Science Activity Manual and Video Guide. Everything they sell comes with a 30-day-money-back guarantee and comprehensive technical support.


Supercharged Science’s videos lessons are available at lower cost through subscription and purchase options, but those who want all of the resources for the experiments should consider the Science Mastery programs.

Pricing Information

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Silver - $695, Gold - $1295, Diamond - $2000
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  • Need For Parent or Teacher Instruction: varies
  • Learning Environment: one-on-one or independent study
  • Grade Level: grades K-12
  • Educational Methods: traditional activity pages or exercises, multisensory, lots of variety, life applications, hands-on, experiential, discovery or inquiry, critical thinking
  • Technology: video, supplemental digital content, PDF, online, DVD
  • Educational Approaches: unschooling or relaxed homeschooling, unit study, eclectic
  • Religious Perspective: secular but Christian friendly

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