Moody Science Adventures and Moody Science Classics [DVDs]

Moody Science Adventures and Moody Science Classics [DVDs]

Moody has produced a number of series of outstanding science DVDs that rival National Geographic Society in production quality, and, even better, they recognize God as the Divine Architect behind creation. There are 15 titles in the Moody Science Classics series. Among them are Signposts Aloft (flying), City of the Bees, Dust or Destiny (God's amazing creation), Facts of Faith (science experiments are used to demonstrate spiritual truths), God of Creation, Hidden Treasures (microscopic nature), Red River of Life (circulation), and Where the Waters Run (water). The films from the Classics series all have strong spiritual messages that are more the essence of each film than are the science topics.

Three DVD in the Moody Science Adventure series DVDs are oriented toward science instruction for children. Each DVD has six, ten-minute segments on different topics. The three titles and their topics are: The Clown-Faced Carpenter and the Wonder of You (woodpeckers, the stars, water, the human body, caterpillars, and how animals catch their dinner), The Power of Plants and Treasure Hunt (how a growing flower can split a sidewalk, microorganisms, bees, miners, fins/fur/feathers, and spiders), and Flying on Wings of Beauty and the Long Journey (butterflies, seeds turning into plants, the solar system, migration of salmon, the human bloodstream, and how seeds travel. The Adventure series is good for all elementary grades, although they are targeted for grades 3-6.

Moody has other series which I have not yet reviewed, so you will need to check these out for yourself. The Awesome Forces of God's Creation is a collection of three DVDs, each about 45 minutes long: Roaring Waters, Thundering Earth, and Whirling Winds. Similarly packaged, The Wonders of God's Creation includes Planet Earth, Animal Kingdom, and Human Life. Each of these DVDs is about 60 minutes in length.

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Facts of Faith (Moody Sci Classics) DVD

Facts of Faith (Moody Sci Classics) DVD
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