Teaching Science and Having Fun!

Teaching Science and Having Fun!


Felice Gerwitz provides detailed science scope and sequence for grades K through 12 while also explaining how to create either topical studies or comprehensive unit studies based upon science topics. She stresses the importance of knowing and applying scientific method at all grade levels, emphasizing the vital role that experiments play in learning scientific method. Because of this, Felice offers extensive suggestions for creating lab activities for high school level science where they are required, including lots of budget-conscious substitutes. She adds extensive resource lists with commentary so that you can use them to flesh out your courses.
Rather than attempting to offer complete course outlines, Teaching Science and Having Fun! addresses the big picture—Why teach science? How do you teach children of differing ages? What topics do you need to cover? Gerwitz also addresses problem areas such as what kind of microscope to buy. This is a very inspiring, practical, and helpful resource for teaching science to children of all ages.
The educational philosophy of this book is reflected in all Media Angels science books. See the review of the study guides: Creation Science: A Study Guide to Creation, Creation Anatomy: A Study Guide to the Miracles of the Body!, Creation Astronomy: A Study Guide to the Constellations, and Creation Geology: A Study Guide to Fossils, Formations, and the Flood!

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