Biology Dissection Video (DVD)

Biology Dissection Video (DVD)

If you don't want to do dissecting yourself, but your son or daughter still needs to know what dissecting is all about, the Biology Dissection Labs DVD is a great solution. It also fills the bill if your students want to perform dissections, but you want a professional teacher to lead them.

Dr. Tom Coss demonstrates dissections of the earthworm, frog, crayfish, and perch. He tells where to cut, then shows clearly how to do it. Dissection manuals and instructions frequently are too general in cutting instructions, which presents great difficulty for the inexperienced. Following Dr. Coss's instructions and example makes it much easier. The video uses magnification to closely examine some parts of the creatures, something you are unlikely to do in the middle of a dissection, but a worthwhile sidetrack. All in all, watching the video alone might be at least as productive as performing the dissections yourself. This DVD can supplement any biology course, but it is ideal with BJU Press' Biology course.

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