Chemistry (A.C.E.)

A.C.E.'s Chemistry course is presented in twelve PACES (booklets that have both instructional material and questions), and free videos are available to support each PACE. This course is vocabulary intensive and requires a familiarity with algebra for math computations. Content is similar to other high school chemistry courses. Lab demonstrations for which students complete lab data worksheets are presented on a free video on the publisher's website.

Students read through text material in a PACE, and they might also watch the video for that PACE if they choose to (videos run 1.5 to 2 hours). The videos for the course are very professionally done, incorporating computer graphics, lab experiments, film footage of real-life chemistry applications, and even some dramatization. The video narration sticks fairly closely to the wording of the PACEs themselves so students can follow along and/or review in the PACEs if they choose.

After reading and watching the video, students complete the questions in the PACE. Periodic tests cover content only within the PACE in which students are working. There are no comprehensive, cumulative tests.

Famous scientists and historical scientific events are interwoven with the text from time to time to make it more interesting. Each PACE includes a "Teen Life Principles" reading that focuses on character qualities. Although there is little to no connection with chemistry in these readings, questions from them are included in some of the tests. (They deal with issues like dating principles, the value of Bible meditation, and wise decision-making. You might choose to skip these, especially if you disagree with any of the content.)

PACEs also include charts students will need for reference as they go through the course. The video presentation is adequate although less interesting than A.C.E.'s Physical Science course—the presenter could be a little livelier. I suspect that this course seems less interesting than some other A.C.E. courses largely because so much time is spent on vocabulary and definitions.

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