Chemistry, The Great Courses

Chemistry, The Great Courses

Chemistry, 2nd Edition is a high school level chemistry course presented via streaming or on DVDs or downloadable files from The Great Courses Plus. It includes a 180-page digital textbook with a total of 36 lessons, each about 30 minutes long.

The course textbook has brief lesson outlines followed by sets of problems. Application problems help students test their grasp of the various skills and concepts. Answers take up most of the last half of the book. Reference charts and a glossary are at the back of the book.

Master teacher Frank Cardulla explains that this is not a complete one-credit chemistry course. His goal is to help beginning or struggling chemistry students be able to handle the math involved in a first-year chemistry course. Cardulla reassures students at the beginning of the course that the emphasis will be on math problem-solving rather than all chemistry concepts. Mr. Cardulla explains that chemistry is not as difficult as it seems because the mathematical thinking and manipulation centers around just a few basic models. If students learn how to perform the mathematical manipulations, chemistry becomes a much easier course. Consequently, Mr. Cardulla focuses on setting up and solving various types of problems encountered in chemistry such as converting between systems of measurement, solving mole problems, empirical formulas, balancing chemical equations, and solving equilibrium problems. He sometimes uses screens, animations, and physical objects as he presents topics and works through problems.

It is a very "chatty" approach compared to most chemistry courses, probably because it is intended to defuse many of the fears students have about the subject. Students should use it alongside a complete course. They should watch the first lesson at the very beginning of their chemistry study, then watch the following lessons as each concept comes up. Students might skip around in the lessons to correlate with what they are being taught in their primary textbook.

The course is excellent and should be very helpful for struggling students or those intimidated by chemistry.

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