Physics (A.C.E.)

A.C.E.'s Physics is taught primarily through a set of 12 PACE booklets that contain both instructional material and questions. A free video with about an hour and half of footage showing lab work is available at the publisher's website. The videos demonstrate laboratory experiments, but students complete a lab record without actually doing lab work themselves just as in the Biology and Physical Science courses.

The course teaches challenging, high-level physics. Math is integrated throughout. However, it tends to leave students at the lower levels of thinking. Students are not challenged to analyze and hypothesize as they are in most physics classes. Because of this, the course will be suitable for some learners, but not all—especially not for the Competent Carls who thrive on opportunities to do independent, imaginative thinking. Nevertheless, since this is one of the few courses that does not assume that a physics teacher is on hand to explain things, it will probably be one of the easiest ways for homeschoolers to cover physics at home if they do not have a physicist in the family.

Prerequisites: Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry.

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