Physics (BJU Press) third edition

Physics (BJU Press) third edition

This is a solid, college-prep, twelfth-grade-level Physics text with an accompanying Physics Lab Manual. Designed for use in a traditional classroom, it assumes the presence of a knowledgeable teacher. This would be a difficult course for a student to atttempt through independent study. (BJU Press's online, hard drive, or DVD options would be especially helpful in situations where the parent/teacher is not strong in physics.)

Like most physics texts, this one draws on logic and math learned in high school math courses, so Algebra 1 and 2 as well as Geometry and some Trigonometry are prerequisite. (Algebra 2 might be taken concurrently.) It combines both conceptual (as in the Conceptual Physics text) and mathematical approaches to physics. The course actually uses a great deal of higher level mathematics, so the teacher should also be familiar with the math involved. This text differs slightly from Saxon's Physics, using a traditional outline approach unlike Saxon, and including the Christian perspective. A new feature of this revised version is the introduction of each chapter with a "Dominion Science Problem." For example, the chapter on vectors and scalars begins by presenting the problem of the need for accurate hurricane models for forecasting. Whereas, previous editions of this text began each chapter with somewhat disconnected biblical and faith concepts, the Christian connections are more subtly woven throughout the text, often building on the Dominion concept. Overall, the text is well-written and includes interesting historical biographies and other side-bar discussions.The student text is softbound with plenty of full-color illustrations—very visually appealing

The Teacher's Edition includes extensive teaching notes surrounding reduced reproductions of student pages as well as answers to section and chapter reviews. A CD-ROM that comes with the TE includes valuable teacher support material such as tests and answers keys, Lab Manual spreadsheets (including a complete list of supplies), and TestBuilder 3.0 database (requires purchase of TestBuilder program from BJU Press).

You should also plan to complete the labs that accompany this course for which you will need both the student lab manual and its Teacher's Edition. The TE includes Homeschool Notes for many labs that offer suggestions for equipment substitutions, things that might be omitted, and other helps to make labs practical in homeschools or small Christian schools.

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Physics Home School Kit 3rd Edition

Physics Home School Kit 3rd Edition
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