SpellingClassroom.com is a subscription-based website for practicing spelling and vocabulary skills for students in first grade through high school. SAT practice words are included. There are no advertisements. The site is so thorough that you might use it for your complete spelling and vocabulary programs. SpellingClassroom.com is also very attractively designed.

You can access pre-designed word lists by grade level, work through lessons with lists of the most commonly misspelled words, or create your own original lists. The program has a database of over 50,000 words.

The program can run directly on Apple systems; there is no app for iPads or iPhones because the program can run directly from the website. However, Android and Kindle apps are available.

For each group of words, students are given a menu of activities. You can turn these modules on and off. Parents or teachers can also print out lessons and answer sheets for their own reference or to review with a student if they wish.

  • Word Introduction introduces the words, with one or more brief definitions, a sample sentence, and pronunciation, plus synonyms and antonyms when appropriate.
  • Spell and Learn pronounces the word and asks the student to type the word into a box. A sentence with space for the missing word provides context.
  • Word Jumble has students form spelling words from jumbled letters. Sentences with spaces for the missing words help provide context clues.
  • Break It has students either divide a word into syllables or mark it as one syllable.
  • Spelling Contest pronounces the words, and students are to type them in. This is a timed activity.
  • Hang a Bot is a bit like hangman with a limited number of tries to identify all of the letters in a word.
  • Spelling Bee asks students to type in the word. It is pronounced then used in a sentence just like in a spelling test or a spelling bee.
  • Word Search Game can be solved online by highlighting words.
  • Spelling Quiz presents multiple-choice questions showing a sentence with a missing word.
  • Spelling Test is like Spelling Contest, but it is not timed. Students can take an online spelling test or they can take it on paper. Parents can select their preferred option.
  • Flashcards have words on one side and their definitions on the reverse. Students can use the computer to pronounce words if they wish.
  • Definition Matching has students match spelling words with definitions.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms presents a word followed by another word or phrase. Students need to identify the second word as a synonym or antonym.
  • Sentence Completion has students click on words to match them with correct sample sentences to test their understanding of the words’ meanings.
  • Vocabulary Bee presents students with one word at a time, both written and pronounced, and they need to choose from two options the best definition.
  • Crossword Puzzle should be played after students have become familiar with their list since it provides only sentences with missing words as clues.
  • Vocabulary Test is another multiple-choice test.
  • A Course Overview link at the bottom of the list of options gives students a quick view of their status in each area.

Quizzes are presented in a format similar to that of standardized tests with multiple choice answers, but students can also take paper and pen tests. This feature seems very important to me. Students should physically write the words to help reinforce learning. The brain processes the spelling knowledge differently when words are typed than when they are handwritten. So this system allows for both.

Students earn a game token for each completed lesson and can use the token to play one of the many games built into the system. (Parents can turn off the games or limit access to games to weekends if they wish.)

Parents or teachers can access detailed reports on student activity and progress, including words misspelled. Need to remind a student to complete a lesson? Parents or teachers can use the built-in teacher-to-student messaging system.

SpellingClassroom.com also includes novel studies of more than 40 popular books such as Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Just Jake, Holes, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and Island of the Blue Dolphins. There are vocabulary lists and two comprehension quizzes for each book. In addition, there are customizable, printable handwriting worksheets plus sentence and paragraph writing modules.

You can subscribe for one student or for up to five students for only a little more. Students have individual login credentials so you can have more than one student using the program simultaneously on different devices.

There are five sample lessons that you can access without entering your email, and there’s also a 14-day free trial that gives you full access to the program.

SpellingClassroom.com seems like a great time saver for parents and teachers as well as a fun platform for students for spelling and vocabulary practice. But be sure to include written tests as much as possible.

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$49.98 a year for one child and $62.48 a year for up to 5 children in one family. (See the publisher's website for classroom package prices.) 

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