The Weaver Curriculum

The Weaver Curriculum

The Interlock

The Interlock program, designed for preschool and kindergarten, studies Genesis 1-10. The program includes manipulatives, visual aids, a music tape, math, and a writing program. This is a low-key approach, covering social studies, science, language arts, arithmetic, observation projects, art, physical education, health, memory work, music, and penmanship. It is designed to meet the developmental needs of the young child, so lessons are provided for only three days per week.

Volumes One - Five

Each volume of The Weaver Curriculum comes in a large softcover book. Any of the five volumes can be used for any number of students in first through sixth grades, and each volume should take about one year to complete. (The Weaver can be expanded to cover grades 7-12 with Supplement volumes.)

Each chapter is divided into subject areas, and each subject area is divided into grade levels. Assignments for each grade level are printed on a specific color of paper so you can quickly identify those you need. This makes it easy to organize your own lesson plans according to the learning level of each child.

Bible, health and safety, and art are offered as group lessons rather than on individual grade levels. Many language arts activities are included. Wisdom Words (another companion resource for The Weaver that is reviewed under Language Arts) provides a foundation for a complete language program when used in conjunction with The Weaver. You must still supplement with basic math and phonics instruction, except at kindergarten level.

Each volume of The Weaver gives recommendations for specific books that can be found at the library to be used as supplements. They also offer supplemental resource books that we can purchase. These resource books are from the Usborne line, and also include titles from Milliken Publishing Company that are easier to use as teaching tools. The Milliken books also contain higher-grade-level material that makes them usable with other Weaver volumes and for older children.

The Weaver provides much information within the program itself for parents to present to the child orally. It uses less hands-on, activity-based learning than KONOS, although there should be plenty of hands-on ideas for most families. The Weaver should appeal most to Sociable Sues and others who like creative approaches to learning but who do not need as much activity as Wiggly Willys.

Volume One uses Genesis 1:11-50, following the Scriptural chronology, as the underlying organizational theme with topics including cities, archaeology, and transportation for unit organization. The Scriptural emphasis is stronger than in KONOS. Daily lesson plan guides for all five Weaver volumes, called Day by Day ($50-55 each), help make using The Weaver very easy. Each volume lists the needed materials and sequence for the objectives for each level, harmonizes the objectives with the Bible lessons, lists pages of the Resource Section that go with the lessons, and lists selections from Wisdom Words to be used for language arts. This should cut preparation time to a minimum.

Volume One and Wisdom Words come with a cassette tape to walk us through the program as we begin.

Volume Two is based upon Exodus and the Books of the Law. Although it is recommended as a sequel to Volume One, it can be our starting point. Examples of topics are royalty and respect, families and responsibility, and deserts and humility.

Volume Three covers Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and I Samuel through verse 10. Topics covered are exploration and navigation, espionage and communication, recording of history, fortifications, music, thinking skills, United States history from 1789-1860, time, social structures and the family, and service.

Volume Four covers the period of the Kings and Prophets. Topics are spiritual giants; civil war; the wisdom of Solomon (includes an introduction to biology); the temple; ancient civilizations of Assyria, Babylon, Persia and Greece; and introduction to the Roman Empire.

Volume Five studies the Life of Christ through the gospels and in relation to the Old Testament. Topics covered are World and American History from 1865 to the present, the concept of covenant, government, ancient Rome, families, reproduction, the solar system, stars, the human body, miracles, biographies of men and women of faith, agriculture and stewardship, geology, map making, the temple.

Alpha Omega also sells a complete phonics program, 1-2-3 Read!, that was written as a companion to The Weaver

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Weaver Curriculum, Volume 4

Weaver Curriculum, Volume 4
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