Giant List of Free Unit Studies

Giant List of Free Unit Studies

Jenny Morris at Faith & Good Works has created some of her own unit studies, and she has also compiled a list of more than 100 free unit studies, most of which are available from other websites. These unit studies vary in their intended audiences from preschool through high school. These are short-term, narrowly-focused unit studies rather than complete courses. You can use them alongside other curricula to go deeper on particular topics, or you can use them to take a break from whatever else you are doing.

The unit study links are organized under the headings Famous People, Fine Arts, Faith-Based, Science-Based, Human Anatomy, Social Studies-Based, Book or Movie Based, Author, and Seasonal and Holiday.

Jenny includes links to her own unit studies, which tend to follow a common format. The other unit studies are on many different sites, so they vary greatly in their design. Many of those sites are supported by ads, so you will sometimes have to deal with annoying pop-up ads. (Jenny’s own site has affiliate links but no outside advertisements for unrelated products.)

I’ll describe just two of these unit studies to give you an idea of what’s available.

“Unit Study Resources for Learning About Mt. Vesuvius & Volcanoes” is available at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom. The study begins with a list of four recommended books that should be available at the library. Then it lists five websites about volcanoes in general, Mt. Vesuvius in particular, and the destruction of Pompeii. (These are directed toward different age groups, so choose what fits your children.)

Next are online activities, such as an animation of the Mt. Vesuvius eruption and an interactive quiz. There are also printable worksheets, puzzles, coloring pages, and lapbooking templates (on volcanoes) at some of the linked websites.

Finally, there are three volcano-related snack ideas, such as “potato volcano,” and a link to a YouTube playlist about volcanoes.

The “Memorial Day Unit Study” at Year Round Homeschooling with Misty Leask should be great for students in grades five through twelve, although there are links to short videos that are good for younger children. The website has quite a bit of information to read about the background of Memorial Day, and there are six links to brief videos. Some links are definitely for older students and adults while others are for younger children. You could have older students read through the material and watch the appropriate videos, and have younger children only watch the few videos that explain Memorial Day on their level.

Unit studies like these generally work best as supplements to your curriculum with older students. They are easier to use as a major part of your curriculum in preschool through second grade where homeschoolers generally have more flexibility regarding what they are covering outside of math, reading, and beginning language arts.

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