The Fallacy Detective

The Fallacy Detective

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The Bluedorn family, longtime promoters of Christian classical education, encountered content problems in most critical thinking and logic resources. So the Bluedorn brothers, Nathaniel and Hans, put their heads together and came up with this excellent introduction to practical logic.

Subtitled Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning, The Fallacy Detective uses humor, historical references, and real life situations to help teens learn to think and express themselves clearly. Comic strips from Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Peanuts, and Nuna and Toodles (the Bluedorn brothers’ own creation) are a nice touch. Cartoon and comic illustrations, humorous examples, and a very reader-friendly writing style make this the sort of course students will enjoy.

Thirty eight lessons are each followed by questions. The new, 2015 Workbook Edition includes space for writing answers directly in the book. An answer key is at the back of the book. I highly recommend gathering at least two students to have fun working through the questions together. They will learn even more discussing possible answers to some of the questions.

Instructions for a "Fallacy Detective Game" in which players make up their own fallacies are also at the back of the book. You will need two or more to play.

Biblical quotations have been removed in the latest edition, making the book appealing to a broader audience than before.

You might be interested in following The Fallacy Detective with The Thinking Toolbox, another excellent book by the same authors.

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The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-eight Lessons on How

The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-eight Lessons on How
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  • Prep Time Needed: minimal
  • Religious Perspective: secular but Christian friendly
  • Suitable For: all situations
  • Grade Level: grades 7-12
  • Need For Parent/Teacher Instruction: low to moderate

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