Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum

Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum

Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum (LFBC) offers a complete curriculum for grades K-12. Students can enroll in the complete program or purchase individual courses, all at very affordable prices.

LFBC believes that it is parents' responsibility to pass on knowledge, wisdom, and values to their children, so the curriculum is strongly oriented toward inculcating a Judeo-Christian value system. Most people would describe the philosophy as very conservative. History shuns modern social studies, choosing to concentrate on history and geography.

English takes a back-to-basics approach with phonics, reading (using McGuffey Readers), parts of speech, diagramming, and plenty of writing. Science is Bible based, teaching the creation science viewpoint. Bible courses use the KJV. The courses are uneven in quality, both graphically and in content, but they are gradually being revised and improved. The curriculum is very academic through the elementary grades.

The scope and sequence varies somewhat from other Christian publishers. For example, high school science includes four courses: Physical Science, Biology, Health and Dynamic Biblical Living, and Scientific Creationism. Neither chemistry nor physics is offered. Math courses offered for high school are two years of Algebra, Geometry, and Business Math. Electives are Penmanship, Home Economics, Shop, Personal Development, Spanish I, and Principles of Music, with more being created.

Generally, the curriculum is designed like Alpha Omega's LIFEPAC and School of Tomorrow's PACE curricula. Most LFBC courses work well for independent study, although there are only one or two large books per course.

LFBC allows parents to purchase materials to use as they wish, but they encourage home schooling families to work under the auspices of some oversight organization for accountability.

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  • Grade Level: grades K-12
  • Suitable For: all situations
  • Religious Perspective: Protestant
  • Educational Approaches: traditional
  • Educational Methods: mastery learning

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