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Christian Liberty Press (CLP) publishes a number or readers, some in the Nature Reader series and some in a series of history readers that are reviewed elsewhere on this site.

Meeting New Friends

This 185-page, illustrated reader by Florence M. Lindstrom is for first grade level. Reading is fairly simple, essentially providing practice for phonics application. It works especially well with CLP's Adventures in Phonics series. Stories are one to two pages long and feature full-color photographic illustrations. Phonics charts and vocabulary drill are included.

Beautiful Stories for Children

Christian Liberty Press Readers: Beautiful Stories for ChildrenChildren who have mastered phonics fundamentals can stretch their reading skills with this 190-page, illustrated reader. Reading selections were apparently originally written in an earlier era, and they teach godly character through real-life stories and poems about children, families, and nature. (No fables, fairy tales, talking animals, etc. appear in this book.) Vocabulary words and definitions are provided at the beginning of each selection, but they appear because they are part of the selected stories rather than because they are part of a controlled-vocabulary approach to reading. There are no comprehension questions and no teacher's manual.

History Stories for Children, second edition

Christian Liberty Press Readers: History Stories for ChildrenThis 196-page reader, written by Dr. John W. Wayland, is listed as being for third grade level, but it can actually be used by children in a much wider age/grade level span (both younger and older). It includes stories, poems, and songs. Stories are short and are written in narrative form so they are interesting to children without being overwhelming. Most stories are followed by vocabulary words and comprehension questions. Large print makes reading easier for developing eyes. Topics range from Bible history through world and U.S. history, although the majority would fall under U.S. history. Many stories tie in with holidays and anniversaries such as "Saint Valentine," "Easter Lilies," and "Hatchets and Cherries." This is an excellent way to introduce children to heroes, especially since the stories emphasize godly character traits.

A separate teacher's manual has background information and teaching suggestions as well as answers to the comprehension questions.

Stories of The Pilgrims

Christian Liberty Press Readers: Stories of The PilgrimsThis updated and revised edition of the original book about the Pilgrims by Margaret B. Pumphrey tells of this brief but important time in America's history in story form. The reading level is appropriate for third or fourth graders, but it makes a good read-aloud book for younger children. Vocabulary words and their definitions plus comprehension questions follow most, but not all, chapters. The print is large and dark with a few two- and four-color illustrations scattered throughout the book. A separate answer key is available. Stories of the Pilgrims is also available in PDF format.

The Story of Inventions

Christian Liberty Press Readers: The Story of Inventions Frank P. Bachman is the author of this 280-page reader about inventions and inventors from the 15th through the 20th centuries. It is recommended for sixth grade. You can cover science and reading at the same time! Illustrations help children visualize what they are reading, and comprehension questions at the end of each chapter help students retain what they have read. A test packet and an answer key are available.

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History Stories for Children (Misc Homeschool)

History Stories for Children (Misc Homeschool)
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