Physics: The Foundational Science

A Beka Physics: The Foundational Science

This text from A Beka should work for home educated students. It moves from the familiar—matter, energy, solids, liquids, gases, and mechanics—to the less familiar concepts—thermodynamics, wave phenomena, light, electricity and magnetism, quantum theory, special relativity, and electronics. For better understanding, practical examples are given and ideas are related to everyday experiences. The harmony between the Bible and science is repeatedly demonstrated. The text can be adapted for students of varying ability by choosing from various options within the text. DVD lab demonstrations will help with lab work but they are very expensive. A teacher's guide, solution key, test packet, and quiz booklet are available as well as a lab manual and it's own teacher's guide, which I have not reviewed. The teacher guide for the text is optional.

Prerequisites are Algebra I and II.

Consider using another option for lab work in place of the one designed for this course since it is not very practical for homeschool situations.

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Instant Key

  • Suitable For: all situations
  • Audience: moderate to high
  • Prep Time Needed: varies
  • Teacher's Manual: helpful, but solution key is very useful
  • Religious Perspective: Protestant

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